Differentiated Addition Activities | First Grade

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If you need some differentiated addition activities to reach your students, I have you covered!

 Here are 15 Math Stations designed to aid students in retaining skills taught throughout the year.


This is differentiated math practice at your fingertips. These activities will be great to use in a small group with the teacher or independent practice for students.


Each topic includes hands-on practice. Students will move through CRA to strengthen and sharpen their math skills.


There will be three levels for students to move through:

- Blue Circle (Remediation) For students who need extra practice with prior knowledge skills. These activities will help students build background knowledge to meet the targeted skill.

- Orange Square (On-Level) For students who show some mastery of a skill. These activities will help students gain more practice with the targeted skill.

- Purple Triangle (Enrichment) For students who have mastered the skill. These activities will push students to the next level with critical thinking skills.